Key Steps to Selling Your Home Fast

With today’s real estate market, it’s common for a property to be listed for several months to a year without getting Sell Your House Fastmany offers. For the homeowner, this can make it difficult to relocate to another home and can cost a significant amount of money during the process. Although you may keep your fingers crossed when wanting to sell it in a short period of time, there are a few extra steps to take to make it more competitive for a home that is in demand.
Stage the Property

One of the most important goals to keep in mind when selling a home is to allow potential buyers to imagine themselves living in the space. This makes it important to stage the home and enhance its appeal in both the interior and exterior environment. Remove all personal items that remind visitors that someone is still occupying the property. You also want to take pets out of the home during an open house or while it’s on the market. Instead, add a fresh stack of towels in the bathroom, place flowers on the dining table, and add new pillows on a couch. Keep the artwork in the home neutral for modern decor that appeals to a larger demographic and doesn’t look too unique.

You can even stage the exterior of the home by adding new patio furniture, incorporating seasonal plants, and adding a water feature for a yard that feels lively. Adding a fresh coat of paint can also improve the overall condition of the property.

Allow the Light In

Natural light is the most effective way of illuminating different rooms of the home and allowing them to feel spacious. Open up the curtains and blinds to create an inviting space that looks gorgeous and airy. Dim rooms can feel dreary and unkept, making it important to highlight each room and allow it to shine. You can also add a skylight or extra window to dim areas of the property to enhances its appeal.

Update the Appliances

With today’s real estate market, the kitchen is considered the most important room of the home for buyers who are looking to entertain and cook in the space on a frequent basis. The last thing that prospective buyers want to do is move into a property where they have to make changes or upgrades. Replace outdated appliances with Energy Star products for eco-friendly items that will reduce the bill each month for the next owner of the home. This will also enhance the aesthetics of the kitchen and will allow it to look modern.

Look at Your Competition

The only way that you can allow your home to stand out while it’s listed on the market is to look at the competition that you’re up against. Research other homes in the neighborhood that have the same amount of square footage and features to determine an appropriate price point that is fair to both you and the buyer. Don’t be afraid to stop by open houses or inquire about the properties to learn more about how to sell your home and allow it to stand out in the community. Your broker or agent will also be able to look at the selling price of other homes in the past month to determine what you can set the value at. Experts recommend listing it at 10 to 15 percent lower than what other homes have recently sold for to allow your house to stand out and invite offers in a shorter period of time.

Sell Your House To Us

These were all quick tips on selling your Houston house fast, but if you don’t want to do any of that you can always call us. We would be glad to buy your house from you via cash or terms and will do so quickly. Call us today or fill out the form on the right side of the page and we will contact you within 12-24 hours.



Time to Sell Your Home? Get it Done Quickly

need to sell my house fastThere are a million reasons to sell your home quickly, whether it is financial or personal, we can help. Perhaps you are going through a difficult family change such as a death in the family or a divorce and are thinking “I need to sell my house fast.” Perhaps you are having financial problems and lost a job recently or have an expensive medical bill. Even better, perhaps you received a promotion and have to move to a new location outside of Houston. In any case, we can help you with your need to quickly sell your home.
We are leaders in Houston area home buying. We buy properties no matter the condition, even if they are in disrepair. We buy houses quickly, so you will not be anxious about whether the deal will close. Of course, we also provide a fair value for your property. Not only that, but we pay cash for houses so there is no waiting on a bank for approval.

If you’re a landlord and you’re not getting enough out of the property or even turning a profit, we can help. No matter the region of Houston we will take a look at your home and attempt to make a bid.

For those that are in a difficult financial situation, selling your home might be a good solution. If you’re behind on your payments and facing foreclosure, a quick sale might be the best answer.

Abandoned or vacant homes are also good candidates for sale. A lot of people with damaged homes think I need to sell my house fast. While you may not be interested in investing in rebuilding the property and marketing it to new buyers, we would like to do so. If your home is in disrepair that does not discourage us, in fact it makes us more interested in purchasing it!

If you are ready to sell your home quickly, call 713-364-6173 today or fill out the form on this site and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Our friendly representatives will ask you some basic questions about the home such as location, size, number of bedrooms, purchase history and whether there are any liens. We need to know your contact information and how quickly you need the home sold as well. We will walk you through the entire process and let you know how the sale will work. So don’t wait anymore, call today.


Sell Your House Fast Houston

I believe every homeowner at some point wonders what they would be able to sell their home for if it came down tosell your house fast houston it. We like to give every homeowner a free consultation if they come to us with that question. When dealing with us not only can sell your house fast, but you can also get a fair price.

Yes we are investors and we have to attempt make a profit on every house we buy, but we are not in the business of taking advantage of anyone. We don’t play games and lie to homeowners about what we can and cannot do. There have been many occasions where I have personally told a seller that my company would not be able to close on their property at the price that they needed. Even still we would work it out with them to put the house on a option a the price they are asking with the sole purpose of marketing the property for them to our huge group of investors that we do business with.

In many cases this is the fastest way to sell your house fast Houston. Some investors are able to pay more than other depending on many factors. Some investors may have cheaper money, some investors don’t flip houses and keep them all, which will also allow them to pay a little more in some cases. Either way it goes we have solutions for almost everyone. We Buy Houses Houston

I’m really bothered by how many of these “would be” investors are telling the homeowners that they speak to flat out lies. Maybe I should rephrase that. Sometimes they don’t know they are lying, because they are new and they don’t know that they are lying.

We actually help many investors here in the city get started with their investing careers. It’s all about the home seller at the end of the day. Houston is a large city and their is always someone needing to sell a house, so in my mind there is not a need to intentionally cheat anyone. An abundance mentality is a big part of the family way. Our culture here is about empowering our sellers to sell their homes fast and in the best way for their current situation.

I never want to miss an opportunity to help a homeowner who needs help deciding what to do with the house that they are looking to potentially sell. If you need help deciding how to sell your house please give us a call today


We Buy Your Home

We see so many people daily, confused about how they can sell their problem home. They don’t know if those ads they see will try to list their property or actually buy it. Well, we buy your home! We have Realtors on staff, but do not list homes currently here at our company. We buy your home if it’s in bad condition or if it is pretty. No matter the neighborhood or side of town we still will buy your home.we buy ugly houses too

What I will let you know is there is a process that you need to be familiar with. If you are looking for an investment company such as this one to purchase your home, you must have realistic expectations. You must decide if you want top dollar for your home or a quick sale. If a quick sale is what you are shooting for then investment firms may be the thing for you. If you are looking to receive top dollar I would recommend making the necessary repairs and contacting a Realtor or Listing the property as a FSBO or become open to selling you house with terms.

Don’t be confused or worried if your home will qualify for a quick sale. We buy your home no matter what as long as we can come to a win win situation. We buy homes with cash and on terms depending on what the deal calls for. Always look for a knowledgeable person when interviewing an investment firm to purchase your home.

Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have, we are here to assist you. And keep in mind, if we do not buy your home we can still help you sell it. We have contacts in all areas of real estate and have never yet saw a problem that couldn’t be solved with the proper knowledge.

Selling Your Home With Terms

You may be one of the people mentioned above who would rather get top dollar for your house. We actually like these deals unlike many of our fellow investors. The reason we like the deals that we pay top dollar on is because that is typically going to mean we bought the house with terms that work for us and the seller. I know you are probably wondering what it means to sell your house this way. 

Let me clear that up for you right now. When we buy a house using terms we are likely buying using owner financing. Many people think that in order to sell their house with owner financing that it has to be free and clear. This is not the case. There is something called a wrap around mortgage that allows you to wrap a new mortgage around your existing mortgage. 

This is very typical and we buy property like this regularly. Don’t get too confused and start worrying about the details of how to get this done….that is what we have attorneys for. We let them worry about all the minutia of wording and make sure that they are accountable for keeping every party involved protected (legally speaking). All we (seller and buyer) need to do is come up with terms that we both agree with and sign a contract stating those terms. Once we do that we had it over to the attorney to draw up the legal mumbo jumbo for us to sign and PRESTO…we have bought your house! 

Feel free to ask any questions around selling your house this way and we will get back to you ASAP!

We Buy Houses Cash Too!
we buy your home

And of course we also can buy your house with good old fashion cash. This will usually call for a discount and you are going to need to be willing to share some of the equity in order to make this deal work. This is very straight forward, we come in and make you a cash offer that you can live with and we close at the title company about 14 days later.

Once again, everybody wins….we have a new house to fix up and you are done with your problem and now have some cash in your pocket. Fill out the form or Give us a call today! After it is all said and done…WE BUY YOUR HOME. That’s what you are looking for and that is what we are looking to do.