F.A.Q.- How We Buy Houses Fast

We have many sellers or would be sellers that just have questions when it comes to selling their Houston home. What we will do below is list some of the frequently asked questions that we receive. We hope this helps, if you still have more questions, give us a call 713-364-6173 or send an email to Thomas@CTKHoldingsInc.com.

What If I Owe More on My House Than What It’s Worth?

We have purchased properties that are up to 120% over leveraged. We understand that everyone does not have the desired amount of equity in their home, but we have multiple options on purchasing these homes also.

How Long Before I Have To Move?

We will work with you on your timeline. If you need more than 2 weeks to move we can hold off on closing, or we can potentially do a short term lease back after closing. Basically, you move when we agree, which is not a moment before you are ready.

Do You Pay Me Upfront?

No funds will be dispersed to any party involved in the transaction until the closing day of the property.

Do You Pay Me?

You will be paid by the title company that facilitates the closing of the property. They will either cut you a cashiers check or wire the funds directly into your bank account.

If I Owner Finance You My Home, How Do We Close?

We will close the transaction at our attorney’s office or a title company. We like to ensure that all paperwork is done in the most efficient way possible. Closing with a professional closer assures all parties that everything is being done right.

Who Pays The Closing Cost?

In almost every transaction we pay the closing cost. We will agree to pay all normal closing cost excluding any taxes currently owed, unless we are purchasing the property from you because of the taxes that you currently owe.

Do I Have To Make Repairs On The Property First?

We do not need you to make one single repair on the property before we buy it. That is a part of the service that we provide, speed and ease to you and that includes buying the property as-is.

How Fast Can You Close?

We can close in as little as 14 days in many cases, but the normal case is 30 days or less.